5 Home Remedies for Yeast Infections You Can Use To Get Rid of Your Symptoms Fast Part 2




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However, you can find garlic suppositories at your local health food store. Just like your typical vaginal suppository you’ll insert it inside the vagina and it will begin to breakdown and disperse garlic’s great antifungal within the vagina and the bloodstream. Garlic is your best friend if you are suffering from this problem because it will boost your immune system and fight off the candida infection.
Probiotic suppositories are also available at your local health food store. Probiotics is a common ingredient in plain yogurt which is a great way to fight off an infection. You insert the natural vaginal suppository and it will dissolve the probiotics inside the vagina. This will send the beneficial bacteria of the probiotic straight to the source of your problem.

2. Garlic
One great yeast infection home remedy men or women can use is garlic. Fresh garlic can help kill your yeast if you catch it early because of it’s anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. If you have caught an infection before you should be able to notice the first signs that you’re getting one.

Once you realize you’re developing an infection you will need to peel off the thin skin from a fresh garlic clove. Once you’re ready to go to bed you’ll insert the clove inside your vagina. Remove the clove of garlic when you wake up in the next morning. You may notice a clear, watery discharge as the garlic helps your system remove the bad bacteria.

Normally the infection will be gone after one night, but if not just simply repeat this treatmentprocedure for the next two nights until all symptoms are gone. If you don’t catch the infection early enough you will probably have to use a stronger dose by cutting the garlic clove in half.

When you cut the clove it will make the garlic clove a lot stronger and provide you with a higher dose of garlic inside the vagina to help get rid of a more serious infection. If you are not a fan of raw garlic you can go to your local health food store and buy garlic pills which are also effective. You can also use the garlic to create a paste that you can apply to the affected area.

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