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Broad-Spectrum Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal,
Anti-Parasitical, Anti-Cancer, Anti-Oxidant,
Anti-Mutagenic and Cardio Protective Properties.

Watch Viruses, Bacteria, Infections, Immune System

Swine flu Influenza is fast spreading around the world, and many of us, scared of the heavy complications of typical drugs like Tamiflu, are on the lookout for alternative cure options for themselves and their friends. Unknown by most, there are remedies for Swine Influenza of proved potency that have been employed by practitioners for many years to heal similar
viral, microbical as well as other illnesses.

Sure, the governing body will work to come up with a particular vaccination, but many months will be necessary to develop that, and by that point the pathogen out in natural settings might already have mutated to a form that would even not reply to the vaccine any more.


There are other ways in which ellagic acid supports the body in dealing with dealing with cancer including protecting our DNA from mutagenic chemicals. causing the growth cycle arrest of cancer cells, and protecting the cellular regulatory gene, P53, but these are beyond the scope of this presentation.

Ellagic acid is truly a remarkable compound. It inhibits viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeast and parasites. It helps support the body in its fight against cancer. It truly is the one thing that you would take with you to the proverbial deserted island.

“As an entrepreneur, you’ve a responsibility to plan for a pandemic to cut back the impact to you and your business. These are some easy rules : Staff will be needed to work 1 meter away from co-workers to guarantee social distancing and executives should re-arrange work-site layouts to enable this to occur.

Other social distancing responses are probably going to include : no shared use of phones and mobiles Advising workers to avoid face-to-face conferences and to use phone and net services instead, wherever possible If this isn’t possible meeting only in a big room and maintaining a distance of one metre between partakers Advising workers to avoid crowded places ( lifts ) or heavily populated gatherings ( e.g. Sports occasions ) Advising staff to avoid travelling at busy periods on public transport. Palmerston, Northern Territory

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