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Fungal Infections

Natural Remedies for Candida

Skin Fungal Infections

More people get athlete’s foot than any other fungal infections. It can be really vexing, but it’s easy to control it and treated right away. The fungus that causes athlete’s foot is like those that cause jock itch and yeast infections. It breeds in closed, damp places and feeds on dead skin cells. Walking bare foot in the shower at a gym and around the pools may increase your chances of getting athletes foot.
Jock itch is a fungal infection in the groin that most men get from time to time. Women on the other hand may get yeast infections. Which occurs when a fungus that that’s already in the body displaces the helpful bacterium that keeps it under control. The infection begins in the vagina but spreads if left untreated. If you are pregnant, taking anti-biotic or birth control pills. Then you are more likely to get an infection.

Thrush is a yeast infection in the mouth. It makes a white or yellow coating that may look like milk and is easy to scrape away, exposing raw, red skin. Babies frequently get thrush. People infected with AIDS or Cancer get infected more often. Taking large doses of anti-biotics can also bring on Thrush. People who perspire a lot or who are over weight and likely to have folds of skin that will rub against each other are also prone to fungal infections.

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