Natural Remedies for Candida Part 2



Fungal Infections

Natural Remedies for Candida

Skin Fungal Infections

When you get a yeast infection, a doctor confirms the problem by examining some of the discharge under a microscope. Then he prescribes a medicine that kills the excess yeast in the vagina.

It sounds simple, but women who get yeast infections know it isn’t. Yeast, which causes itching and burning and carries a yeasty smell and causes a white, cheesy discharge, has a way of coming back. Some people are prone to yeast infections.

Marjorie Crandall, Ph.D., a candida specialist and founder of Yeast Consulting Services in Torrance, California, understands why women will try almost anything to relieve the discomfort. For 20 years, she fought chronic yeast infections that made her life miserable. Today she is infection-free, and she is also one of the top authorities on ways to control the problem.

Here’s what she and other experts recommend for those troubled by yeast infections.

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