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A yeast infection is also known as candida because this infection is caused by a fungus known as candida. The candida fungus is present in all of our bodies but when the fungus starts multiplying it causes an infection, which is due to the rapid growth of candida spreading into your bloodstream.

Even though there are many medications available on the market to treat this problem, most sufferers would much rather utilize a yeast infection diet to treat themselves. The best diet to get rid of the candida infection you’re suffering from will be high in healthy proteins and vegetables.

The most obvious foods to stay away from when you’re on a yeast infection diet are ones that are high in sugar because sugar is the main food supply for yeast to survive. The biggest benefit of adapting to the right diet is that you will not only treat the symptoms but also the root of the problem so your body has a better chance of keeping the infection from returning.

Turning to a dietary treatment for help against candida is not easy if you are used to eating processed foods. However, if you can follow the basic rules within a yeast infection diet you will be able to recover from this problem in good time. When following this diet you should always avoid sugar, carbohydrates, and foods that have yeasts or mold.

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