Yeast Infection Diet – The Foods You Need To Avoid & The Foods You Should Eat Part 2



Yeast Infection Diet

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Not only should you stay away from certain foods, but you should also keep away from ingesting any kind of antibiotics while you’re on this diet since antibiotics can eliminate the friendly bacteria needed to support the immune system. A study has proved that foods rich in beta carotene are great to help fight off a yeast infection.

During your yeast free diet you should follow these guidelines each day if you want to really put an end to your infection. Not only will you eliminate your infection but you’ll also increase your general health, mental state, energy levels, and most importantly of all increase your body’s resistance to diseases and infections.

Prior to beginning your yeast free diet one of the first things you should do is clean out your cabinets. This may seem a little extreme but if you’re serious about following this diet it’s a good idea to clear your cabinets of yeast and sugar products.

When you don’t have it in your cabinet it’ll be easier for you to avoid consuming it. Another great idea is to make a shopping list so you can stay focused on getting the items you need for your diet. It’s easy to sabotage your diet if you go to the grocery store since most of the foods we normally get have preservatives in them that you are trying to avoid.

Since you are going to need an adequate amount of leafy vegetables it makes sense to prepare your vegetables in advance since they can hold in the refrigerator for days without going bad.

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